Sunday, October 7, 2007


She opened her eyes with the flourishes of placidity,
He stood in front of her after pacing the floor with dignity,
He extended his hand towards her, and she placed her hand into his,
He drew her towards himself and warmed her with his hug and kiss,
She whispered in his ears her desire to go on a ride,
He couldn't decline as she was soon to be his bride,
He grabbed the opportunity to stay long with her,
They mounted on the horse and rode across the moor,
They were too lost in eachother to notice the beauty of swelling seas, ebbing tides, full moon with it's brilliant light,
Chill of the wrapping breeze and also the dew drops on leafy trees,
He whispered softly in her ears, "Fortunate that I'm to have you in my life,
I pity those who just yearned to make you their wife,
Now that you are mine
All booty I possess is thine,
You are the one who would forever be in my embrace,
And I foretell with this the end of our love shall never be traced,
The stallion gathered speed and ran into the area of thorns and weeds,
She fell from the horse and disappeared in darkness,
He met with an accident and lost his leg,
Every heart worth his sympathetic vein paid him a visit,
But she didn't turn up whose presence was awaited and exquisite,
His world and dreams met a deadly end
When she didn't turn up but only the invitation of her betrothal with the Prince of Scotland.

1 jan 2003