Thursday, June 26, 2008


D has tagged me to reveal 10 top secrets about myself....let me tell you that it's not easy for a confused person of my ilk to share 10 concrete truths about himself. But just for you D i will try
1) I pretend that I'm not interested in getting knotty, But honestly I am. Will continue to show disinterest, "That don't impress me much," till the time I'm not convinced that he's the one, "Who can keep me warm in the middle of the night."
2) I want to lose weight without a strict diet regime. People say it's not possible in this janam. But trust me I visualise myself as a sexy mom and m convinced that these extra kilos are guests who will vacate the room soon.
3) I believe I'm great! and I dont know why, even after rigorous episodes of de-moralising i have gone in early phase of my working life nobody could convince me that i write "shit." On the other hand I think they don't understand.
4) I genuinely want to write biographies. Topping the list is......please don't laugh .....dreams do come true......issss Aamir Khan. I want to I want to and I want to a thousand times, Not becuase I have this fresh crush on his bhanja, Imraan Khan but because I think Aamir has a life worth being recorded.
5) I love my sisters. when they are around rest of the world fades into oblivion
6) Find young guys yummy
7) I love travelling and have not gone beyond delhi......sob! sob! Probably my honeymoon will be one travelling experience. Amen!
8) I'm not sociolable.....
9) Wow! i can tell 8 secrets about myself
10) it's done. good job
all the secrects are out.....