Saturday, June 20, 2009

About me

Today I am celebrating myself, because no one else is doing that. Just joking man! I am trying to write something which I can't in black and white. And can write a thing like this only on networking sites, where i have not signed. But then for this reason why should i be deprived of the pleasure of singing paeans about myself. Last when I signed in on a massively popular social networking site, i was thrilled to write the section which said: About me and I went ahead using the space for my description. I still remember what I wrote: About me mmm... The vial is open and can you capture the fragrance? No na then how can you put Eram in words. What blasphemy! Then I signed out 'coz i was bored.

A year later, I signed in on blogspot. Again, I was excited about writing in the same section saying: About me. I went ahead but was disappointed to see what all i wrote was not updated. Then I thought of hitting back with a vengeance and decided to write a blog on myself. Now the this post is About me and I am again elated to begin... all those interested in seeing the live example of vanity, which they once read in Thomas Hardy's Far Away From The Madding Crowd fiction can stay tuned in:

About me...?? Unpredictable me, sometimes lemon, sometimes honey.
Silly me, sometimes accidentally, sometimes consciously.
Intelligent me, sometimes willingly, sometimes unknowingly,
Creative me, hah! perennially.
Beautifull me, only when don't take calorie.
Ambitious me, sometimes like herself , sometimes like a celebrity.
Latent me, sometimes explored, sometimes not seen.
Active me, sometimes hyper, sometimes productively.
Confused me, sometimes by choice, sometimes driven by plenty.
Original me, sometimes blunt, sometimes simply.
All of this sums up for the column About me till eternity. :)