Monday, March 24, 2008


While going for a walk my colleague asked me an impromptu question, "Eram if you get only an hour to spend with your beloved what will you do to make it memorable?"And my reply was...

Lie in on his lap, oh so soft,
ruffle my hair on his feet, may he be besot,
look deep in his eyes, oh so lost,
hold his hand warmly, and beat the frost,
make him decipher my murmur, a secret let out,
entangle him in the enigma of my talk, then laugh at his doubts,
kiss him and mollycoddle his soul, will start with the supple pout,
I Love You, a feeling that will echo lifelong after the shout,
Pull his cheeks, make demands, let him say where's the wand,
make him think how to fulfill, and grow more fond,
crack jokes with no funny bone, but elicit a response laugh lorn,
with all this and more those sixty minutes will be gone,
But will have happiness till eternity,
a memory etched with tinges of affection and divinity,
a desire for more such sixty minutes and pray for their longevity.