Friday, March 7, 2008


Till the time others don't laugh at your dreams, Tom you are yet to dream,
Till the time eyes don't pop in disbelief saying, "Those achievers were different," Dick you are yet to dream,
Till the time they don't say, How will you go about it? Harry you are yet to dream
The time you elicit these responses you will be out of being Tom Dick and Harry.
Close your eyes and just ask yourself when did you last fly on the wings of your far reaching dreams. And it will explain whether it was a fling with life or genuinely an affair to remember.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


God kneaded damp mud to create man and then blew his spirit in him.
His mud moulding manouveres, sometimes hard sometimes soft punches made and shaped us. But I often think the pre-creation kneading and pushing continues even now in the post creation period . Every experience adds in our dough of life the required amount of moisture, dryness, sometimes sweet sometimes sour filling, making us the relishable or a desirable specie. Every incident is like that kick and nudge which we might have recieved before coming down on Earth. Isn't it? What made me talk of this thought is the eager hunt for a suitable Boy for me yaar! It is at that time I interrupted and said no. Not knowing why an improptu no to this groom hunt for me. Is marriage genuinely an important ingredient to make my dough of life fine to taste and perfect in shape. Recently I blogged on my seniors blog where I read about the fading affection in marriages after a gap of long years, and a usual promising start at the onset of every marriage bond. Some even said that single is the status to be in and I'm utterly confused what if I be what I am abhi. A single ladki!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


WHAT made 2008 great. Sorry for the delay in unlocking the brusary of the year goneby. As the trove was opened I found focus lights blinding both the 11 yr old Darsheel Safary and 65 yr old Amitabh Bachchan, and ear shutting applauses telling the world if you have it in you then you can romance the audience at whatever platform number of life you are. Whether 11 or 65.

The year 2008 defied the age adage, there was the competing spirit between the bunny teeth and tied white hair,

Darsheel smiled away into audience heart with his white protruding wealth,

Even Ghaasphus vegetatively spread greenery of love among those in their dotage,

If the expert chef tickled the love bud in his mid aged object of affection,

The cherubian from dyslexia showed deflection,

One had spontaneous questions ready,

the other had pat replies to the queries of doddering mom and sexy,

For him getting happiness was all about encircling the pillar, and for his younger half it was all about finding the pillar(Nikumbh).

All in all the brushstroke and the stirring in the bowl made a good recipe(indicative of Amitabh's craft) on the canvas (indicative of Ishaan's Art) of cinema.