Friday, November 21, 2008

When is Sisters Day??

I don't know why it is coming so late, this post on my sisters should have ideally been the first one to be written. But better late than never, since it is my 25th...silver jubilee post I can dedicate it to someone special that's for my sisters. Without thinking of what others will say I take the charge of announcing that Sisters Day should be celebrated when the three of us, "Ambreen, Aqsa and Me," realised that our togetherness is our strength that can withstand any adversity. I still remember how I cribbed during my early teens, "Why don't I have a Best or bestest friend," to this my sports teacher said you have but you haven't realised, "You are looking for a friend, when you eat, sleep and breath with Ambreen and Aqsa, probably they are the ones' who are meant to be your Best Friend." At that time I dismissed the thought as , "How can I be when I fight with them, cheat them on the Maggie by eating theirs after having mine, sipping more of frootie from their can than they actually allowed." 
But now when both of them are away and I haven't seen them long months I have been getting the pangs for writing an ode to them and celebrating sisters day. It's everyday at home when I have to eat my dinner alone, mix sugar and horlicks in milk alone, settle my wardrobe alone, listen to mom and dads instructions alone and go to food joints alone. Deep inside I know it's the vacuum that has been created by their absence which no one can fill. Now that the two of them have postponed their visits to next year...Jan 1 2009. I am getting impatient to hug Aqsa while sleeping and talk about our dream man with Ambreen.
I am not ashamed in saying that I have learnt a lot from them, whether it is Ambreen's indifference to favouritsm, to people who constantly compare her with fairer sibling, or brighter batchmate. She doesn't give a damn, with patience she dealt and weaned them out of her life. Today they cry for her affectionate glance. One more thing that sets her apart from others is, 'If you have messed with me then she will take it personally so much so you would think, "But I didnt wrong her." Hurting me was enough for her to dissociate herself with you. This is one reason why I don't reveal many of my insensitive friends to her. (I know she will be very happy after reading this after all the Leo Lioness is getting the attention) From Aqsa what I have learnt is, 'Do not worry,' it has now become an anthem we actually say this to motivate eachother, to put a certain demand at a suitable time and to curb the desire of having a frock of frills because it is just too expensive. She is one such person who is living in the future seeing me as her kids' Amma Khala, who will pamper them. Her imagination sometimes becomes difficult when she says, "Eram Apa I can imagine how good you will look after losing weight. You don't love me because if you did you would have lost some weight," now how can that be associated with my love for her. Please help!

I adore them and when they are not there I read for long hours, I stay in office for long , I get in touch with people who I would not attend when they are around.
You see I have finally found not one but two best friends, something that Aqsa insisted on always, "When we are together we don't need anyone." Touchwood!!