Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's important for one to create an impression that can be etched in the memory of 'the others' and thereby those recipients of your persona can remember you like that. From pigtailed schooldays to adrenalin pumping college life I without realising had created an impression on my juniors with which they remembered me.

No this did not dawn on me with Gabriel descending with the dictate to write on this, but it was for my gift shopping for a special friend that I bumped into one of my juniors with whom I had been on 'hi' and 'hello' terms. I was so engrossed in picking a right fabric with an easy price tag that I didn't notice her queueing on the cash counter. Suddenly I heard her soft and surprised voice calling my name, 'Erammm..' Hey! and it went on to hows life and wassup. As a part of conversation I said, 'Congratulate your sis on getting married,' but then i thought and even said, 'it's been seven long years wonder if she remembers me? ' To this she smilingly replied, 'Who can forget the bell-ringer (yes i was the official bell ringer of my college LC) with golden colour worn out ringing bell in one hand and melting orange bar in the other." (oh what a picture) This just deported me to that world which I had forgotten in the daily cribbing, grinding and nibbling of working life. But I was glad that I am remembered for what I did and what I was i.e my bell signifying my dedication and ice-cream my spirit to live life even if the scorching heat of summer melted my daily bread, I mean my daily orange bar

So how do people remember you?


  1. Eram it goes without saying that ull always be remembered as a complete foodie.
    U have taught me how to love food.....:):)