Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where's the treasure?

Porque donde esta tu tesoro, alli esta tambein tu corazon
This is Mexican for, 'treasure is nowhere but in your heart.' And the above picture is the graphic expression of the thought. Alfredo Castaneda graphic artist of Mexico is the mind behind this masterpice that has been shipped from Mexico's Kyron Archive and put on the walls of Lalit Kala Kendra in the display of Mexican contemporary prints.
No one could resist the temptation of this work and stood for long admiring the piece of art that was beautifully presented in a shining wooden frame.
The catalogue of the exhibition is worth devouring , it is special to me and why? The embassy himself gave it to me and the secretary said, "There were eight catalogues and you are the only one here who is getting it." Ellan, Mexican Ambassadors wife said, "We were looking for you as His excellency wanted to give the catalogue to you himself."
Oh God why am I glorifying this?? ;)
Probably these little things add to the treasure in my heart.

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